Concrete Types

We make two different types of concrete, High Performance Concrete (HPC) and Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC), depending on the application.

HPC is based on traditional concrete. By adding modern techniques and technologies we are able to create a superior high strength, high performance concrete product. It gets its very high strength by adding flyash, silica fume, fibers, and the proper gradation of sand and rock aggregate to cement with a very low water content.  We also use admixtures that help the concrete to be more flowable and harden quicker.

GFRC is made by layering 2 parts. The facemix is sprayed into the form and contains decorative aggregate, cement, flyash, fine sand and polymers. A backup is then applied and it contains cement, flyash, fibers, sand and polymers.  No rock aggregate is used in this mix.  A polymer is used to aid in curing.